Safe and simultaneous tensioning of crusher outer shell nuts saves time and cost

Changing the outer shell on rock and ore crushers can be a time-consuming process, involving many potential OH&S issues. Too often, large hammers or flogging spanners are used to loosen the nuts, so that the outer shell can be replaced.

To avoid risks of injury, and to save time and cost, Technofast’s latest EziTite ®hydraulic nuts and bolts have been designed to tension all nuts simultaneously using hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic pressure tensions the bolt to the precise tension required and then locks it in place mechanically with a locking device.

“These crushers are processing hard materials, so these outer shells need to be replaced frequently. And any time they aren’t crushing, they aren’t making money,” says Technofast Founder and CEO, John Bucknell.

EziTite hydraulic nuts and bolts provide simple assembly, and they can be daisy chained together so that all nuts are tensioned to the exact requirements simultaneously.

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“Mining operations that have used our EziTite products have found that the job can be done in half the time, with fewer personnel. Not only are they saving time and cost, but worker safety is prioritised too, because EziTite eliminates the risk of injuries associated with flogging hammers,” said Mr Bucknell.

The EziTite outer shell replacement process

With Technofast’s EziTite hydraulic nuts and bolts in place, changing the outer shell of crushers can be a simple, safe process, which typically involves:

  1. Placing the EziTite nut down until it meets the washer.
  2. Connecting a hydraulic hose to the hydraulic fitting, ensuring the hose is capable of delivering the required pressure
  3. Using hydraulic force to tighten the nut to the required pressure, noting particularly that all EziTite nuts can be tensioned simultaneously to provide precise, even pressure.
  4. Locking the unit in place with a mechanical lock-ring once the desired pressure is reached. This means the unit is mechanically locked, so no sustained pressure is required.
  5. Removal is equally rapid and simple, using hydraulic pressure to release the lock ring, and then relieving the pressure from the nut.

“Linking the units together has received very positive feedback from mine site supervisors, who are impressed with the tension accuracy, and ease of installation. One also pointed out that simultaneous tensioning removes the possibility of jamming the taper,” said Mr Bucknell.

“The use of EziTite hydraulic nuts has made the job much faster and simpler, and has also eliminated many OH&S concerns with previous methods. With reduced downtime, labour requirements and costs, crushing applications that have installed EziTite nuts have continued to benefit with each outer shell change,” he said.

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