Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) for mining projects

Committed, reliable and loyal

LC Packaging advises mining companies to be prudent when sourcing flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) for the transportation of ore and related products. As a provider of packaging and logistical solutions to blue chip companies, the company is eager to share its know-how to help mining houses make informed choices in the selection of FIBCs.

Mining companies are spoilt for choice with a vast array of innovative ‘fit for purpose’ packaging options for the transportation of ore and other products readily available on the market. Noticeably, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, also known as FIBCs or big bags have emerged as one of the popular options.

Given the harsh environments in which they operate and the nature of their products, mining companies need robust and reliable FIBCs. Unfortunately, sometimes, having the luxury of a wide choice of products can become a big predicament when making informed procurement decisions. What renders decision-making in the procurement of FIBCs for contemporary needs complex is that it is not only informed by durability and affordability, but also by compliance with the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG).

Considering this, LC Packaging is keen to provide its expertise to prospective clientele in the mining sector. LC Packaging is a family business that has been active in the packaging industry for four generations. What started as a jute bag repairer and trader in 1923 has evolved into a full-service manufacturer and distributor and one of the world’s largest packaging experts in the field of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, also known as FIBCs, and big bags.

Packaging and logistical solutions

LC Packaging provides packaging and logistical solutions that enable blue chip mining companies across the continent to move processed materials to final end-users around the world safely and cost-effectively. It can support an operation from numerous factories, ensuring peace of mind that sufficient bulk bags will always be available on sight to keep the export target on track.

Alexander Rohlf, LC Packaging’s Business Development Manager, guarantees to mining companies that LC Packaging has the requisite wherewithal to address particular needs for their respective applications. He says that the company’s products tick all vital boxes for mining-specific FIBCs, unsurprisingly, they have earned industry-wide respect for distinctive properties. Furthermore, the company ensures that its designs are customised to the clientele’s particular needs.


While different FIBC brands are in the market, LC Packaging’s products are distinctive due to the following properties:

  • Customised and cost-effective

LC Packaging offers customised packaging solutions, following a detailed analysis of the client’s requirements.

  • Easy storage and handling

FIBCs are easily stored in warehouses or open areas as they can be lined, ultraviolet protected and water-resistant. They are easily handled by forklifts or overhead cranes and can be readily transported by truck, or on rail. LC Packaging also offers stock holding agreements, which show their commitment to providing a continuous supply of FIBCs.

  • Environmentally friendly

The lined and water-resistant nature of this packaging ensures a low risk of external environmental impact when compared with other forms of packaging (i.e. bulk storage). It is in the quality of materials used and the state-of-the-art production process, the quality of transport and storage and the service provided, the working conditions in which the FIBCs are produced, and sustainable practices when it comes to reducing their environmental footprint.

  • Multiple handling cycles

Whilst the majority are for single trips, they do undergo multiple handling cycles. External test certificates are available per FIBC design.

  • Certification

When a particular commodity is classified as hazardous, LC Packaging ensures that UN Certification is available for the client and related transport entities. Certified bag designs ensure quality handling, filling & storage attributes of the bulk bag.

Customised FIBCs

Thanks to over a century of experience, LC Packaging can provide customised FIBC solutions to clientele scrupulously through in-depth technology and research. This is besides conducting client operations where possible to be fully aware of the challenges and opportunities presented by the client operation. Afterwards, sample testing is done onsite before the mass production of bulk bags. Over and above, LC Packaging renders onsite technical advice, where the client’s wishes, packaging demands, and product requirements are addressed.

Prudence in selection

All in all, LC Packaging advises potential clientele to be very prudent as they are in pursuit of reliable suppliers. In particular, Rohlf highlights the following attributes that made LC Packaging to be ahead of the pack:

  • Long-standing central values, committed, reliable and loyal.
  • Always near with 21 offices, 5 production facilities, and multiple warehouses in 15 countries.
  • A company that upholds the highest standards in quality and sustainability. LC Packaging has been awarded many leading certifications, such as SA8000, ISO14001, ISO45001 &.
  • Supplier of certified bag designs (ISO Certification).
  • Own manufacturing and R&D facilities
  • The company offers tailor-made stock-holding agreements.
  • Engage with suppliers with shared values on topics such as health and safety, a living wage, no child labour, ESG and ongoing improvements for the betterment of its people and the environment.

“We pride ourselves on the quality of our bags and the high service delivery of our supply chain team. With our bags you are guaranteed of FIBCs that meet contemporary requirements, which are predominantly robust and reliable,“ pronounces Rohlf.

On the whole, LC Packaging is committed to being a long-term partner in sustainable packaging solutions, for every product and every industry. From bags suited for mining, and construction, from stable and ventilated bags to food-safe, pharma-clean, UN and electrostatic FIBCs: its motto is: “To keep your industry going.”

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Eco-friendly production and usage

LC Packaging employs eco-friendly practices in the production and usage of its products to reduce emissions. This is steeped in its philosophy: Growing environmental efforts – Ambition 2030 goals… A World Without Waste. To realise this objective, LC Packaging is driving company-wide change, revolving around people, environmental betterment and production efficiency to limit its impact on people and planet. The company has established its 2030 Ambition which has been mapped against the United Nations 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development. To this end, in its daily operations, it directly contributes to four of the seventeen global sustainable development goals (SDGs), being Decent Work and Economic Growth, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action and ultimately partnership for the goals.

Deservedly, LC Packaging’ sustainability efforts have been acknowledged by EcoVadis with the highest CSR ratings over the past three years, with special acknowledgement for its structured and proactive CSR approach, because of policies and tangible actions on major issues. Ecovadis provides a system to allow organisations to evaluate their own and their supply chain’s corporate social responsibility levels. It covers 21 CSR indicators across four main themes: Environment; Labour & Human Rights; Ethics; Sustainable Procurement. It is expecting its new EcoVadis CSR rating to be available by February 2023.

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Innovation in mining-specific FIBCs

LC Packaging always upgrades its products, as and when necessary. Its multi-trip bags (6-1 certified) for non-hazardous minerals typifies constant innovation. Mainly, the bags are renowned due to the following attributes:

  • Reduces the carbon footprint by using fewer bags to move products.
  • Reduces warehouse storage and bag stock levels.
  • Ultimately, this reduces the cost of movement per ton of a product.

Over and above this, LC Packaging is widely reputed for innovative designs in UN-certified big bags, Q-bags and electro-static bags, which offer safety during the filling & discharging of flammable gas, vapour or dust atmosphere



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