Crusher wear parts

Robust Wear Parts, Longer Crusher Uptime

“The quicker wear-part deriorates, the more frequent is the need for replacement, and the more often is the crusher downtime.”

The performance of crushers has to be up to it all the time as crushing is critical to mining and aggregate operations. This is most especially that, currently, production has peaked. Consequently, ensuring optimal crusher uptime as much as possible is fundamental. And one of the sure-fire ways is the use of suitable crusher wear-parts.

Vital advice

Information on mining-specific crusher wear parts from some of the leading crusher manufacturers and wear-part suppliers, rich with relevant points, makes for an interesting read. Collated together, it renders vital advice in the following areas: the urgency of timely interventions; crusher requirements; trends and what is behind them; and arriving at the ultimate decision.

  1. Timely intervention

Predictive maintenance of crushers should be central to crusher management. And as part of their predictive maintenance, mine managers should include regular monitoring of the state of crusher wear parts, which should be replaced at the slightest hint of wear without failing. Otherwise, failure to do this could result in a significant loss of productivity due to downtime.

  1. Scrupulous product selection

Product selection has to be scrupulous, given that there is a myriad of applications for crushers and, naturally, the same should apply to wear parts. Ideally, a wear-parts should demonstrate increased toughness, specifically to withstand extreme temperatures and abrasion, and should have the longest possible usable wear life.

iii. Advanced wear materials, tough wear parts

Handily, innovative developments in the metallurgy of crusher wear-parts are helping operators reduce the impact of wear on crusher uptime enormously. Specific modifications to the metallurgical composition have resulted in wear-parts with improved resistance and toughness. For instance, alloying elements, such as manganese and chromium, are added to high carbon steel, which it is still being formed, to enhance toughness and hardness. The reinforced steel has proven to be corrosion-resistant.

Optimising wear part performance

Largely, crusher wear parts are not versatile enough to work in different applications. One-size-fits-all is a myth concerning crusher wear parts. Crusher wear parts can only be effective when used in the right application. Key factors are the material being crushed, the quality of the wear parts being used, and, most importantly, the way the crushing chamber is set up. Here is the catch though – the quicker wear-part wears, the more frequent is the need for replacement, and the more often is the crusher downtime.

Side bar

Contemporary Needs of Industry

OEMS are striving to produce wear parts that meet the contemporary needs of mining and aggregate-specific crushers, and indeed the entire communition circuit. Mainly, this involves aspects such as: Increasing productivity (through minimising downtime by choosing stronger materials); Improving safety; Reducing costs; above and beyond, and contributing to the effort to ensure that the process of crushing (production) leaves a lower environmental footprint. It has to be stated too that, pertaining to crusher wear parts, ease of installation is requisite in mining machinery components. In crusher wear-parts, these elements are addressed through design.

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