Meet some of our speakers – 2022 Hydrogen Africa Conference & Expo

Green hydrogen is a hot topic of discussion globally and Africa is ideally positioned to take an active role in this promising industry.

Several landmark projects have already been announced and started across the continent. Moreover, Africa is in a special position where it could benefit twice from green hydrogen: on one hand, it could become a major global production hub for export, and on the other hand, green hydrogen could also be used for local production of green ammonia and green fertilizers which the continent is currently importing in mass quantities.

In May 2022 in Paris Hydrogen Africa Hosted its first Namibian Green Hydrogen Investment Forum and this event attracted more than 350 participants. The market has significantly evolved since then, and this September Hydrogen Africa Conference and Expo will showcase the latest developments, key market players, and technologies available for green hydrogen in Africa.

What to expect: SESSION TOPICS
  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Mobility applications and developments in South Africa
  • Hydrogen Mobility Timescales, Economics & Opportunities, Rail, Road, and Air Transportation
  • South Africa & Africa – Clean Hydrogen Infrastructure Development, Storage & Distribution
  • Geopolitical Impacts of South Africa Hydrogen in the Global Energy Transition: SDGs 17
  • Achieving Green Hydrogen Sustainability through Technological Advancement
  • Geopolitical Impacts of South Africa Hydrogen in the Global Energy Transition: SDGs 17
  • International Cooperation for Hydrogen Development
  • Moving Digital – Mobility Solutions for a Better Tomorrow
  • The South African & African Hydrogen Technical Latest Advancements, Innovations, Solutions, and Project Developments


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