Higher demand for safe and stable hoists in all sectors

Becker Mining South Africa has chronicled a record year in 2023 of the sales success of Kito electrical and manual hoists, with a particular focus on Kito L5 lever hoists.

“Becker Mining has distributed and supported Kito electric chain hoists, manual hand chain blocks and lever hoists in Africa since 1986,” says Rick Jacobs, Senior General Manager (SGM) for Consumables, Becker Mining South Africa. “In spite of recent challenges in the industry – including the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, an erratic power supply, the depreciating Rand exchange rate and ongoing strike action – Becker Mining recorded its best Kito sales numbers last year.

“Growth in sales indicates an increased demand for dependable and safe lifting equipment, that is enhanced by reliable technical support services. We attribute this success – largely in the mining sector, in platinum, gold, iron ore and coal – to Kito’s robust design and high safety standards.

“The Becker team takes great pride in the esteemed Kito range, which is manufactured in Japan to stringent quality and safety specifications. These robust hoists are designed for safe and stable operation in many light and heavy-duty applications in diverse industries. Typical applications are in mining, construction, shipbuilding, food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing, manufacturing and general industry, as well as in chemical and petrochemical plants and the wind power sector.

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Kito L5 lever hoists

“We have noted a particular growth in demand for Kito L5 lever hoists, which have been developed to improve efficiencies and enhance safety. In the event of excessive overload lifting, the integrated overload limiter is automatically activated and the lever slips, preventing injury and damage.

“Other advantages of this low headroom series are reduced size and weight of the hoist that allows effortless handling and easy storage yet is a much stronger unit than previous models. The L5 lever hoist is also easier to operate, even in confined working spaces.”

There are seven hoists in this series, with capacities from 0,8 T to 9 T and a standard lift of 1,5 m, Non-standard lifts are also available from Becker Mining. Kito hoists are manufactured from high-grade alloy steel with solid construction and increased material thickness for a high-strength frame.

Nickel coated DIN approved Grade 100 (1 000 N/mm²) load chains have been introduced for improved resistance against corrosion and wear and the design of the hook latches has been improved to ensure the tight engagement of latch and hook, to ensure operator safety. A new shape and thicker material create a strong lever handle. Cap nuts fasten the gear case and brake cover, protecting the screw from damage and enabling easy maintenance when necessary.

Kito’s original free chain adjusting mechanism improves working efficiency and safeguards against inadvertent freewheeling under load. The reliable mechanical brake system incorporates two dry, asbestos-free brake pads and four braking surfaces and for enhanced safety, two brake pawls are standard.

Becker Mining also supplies a full range of Kito accessories, designed to enhance the performance of Kito hoists. These components include universal trolleys, available in plain or hand-geared configurations, to provide smooth, precise and easy traversing and positioning. To ensure hoists are in pristine condition and always operate effectively, specialists recommend they are tested regularly at Becker Mining SA’s workshops, or at any certified repair centre.

The company, which is committed to the highest standards in quality and safety, offers technical advisory, repair, test and backup services throughout Africa. A specialised consulting, training and support facility ensures optimum efficiency of a wide range of equipment and total safety for workers.

Becker Mining’s critical solutions encompass high-performance, fit-for-purpose energy distribution, automation and communication, as well as transportation and roof support systems. Included in the range are intrinsically safe (IS) and flameproof underground electrical reticulation products, as well as fluid transfer, rigging, rope attachment, steel arch tunnel support and chairlift solutions. An important feature of all Becker Mining systems is they are designed to facilitate future upgrades.

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