Black Rock power to Mahenge Graphite Project in Tanzania

Black Rock Mining Limited has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will see them power the Mahenge Graphite Project in Tanzania.

The MoU that was sealed between the firm and Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) includes construction of a 220kV transmission line constructed to support dependable, renewable, and low-cost grid power. The two associated will implement the project’s design, financing, construction, commissioning, and operation.

Definitive Feasibility Study

A Definitive Feasibility Study (eDFS) was done and considered grid power connectivity to support the Company’s goal of a highly differentiated and sustainable operation. The line will also supply power to nearby settlements, including the Ulanga District. It will run from Ifakara and extending to the Mahenge substation for a distribution network inside Ulanga District. A 33kV feeder distribution network will be built from the Mahenge substation to the Mahenge graphite project site.

“Grid power would provide a huge multiplier effect for the Mahenge Graphite Project by providing low-cost sustainable power, which should lock Black Rock in the bottom quartile of the cost curve; low carbon, which will differentiate its product in crucial consumer markets; and reliable power for the Ulanga and Mahenge areas, driving the win-win relationship developed under the government’s Framework Agreement and ratified by the Special Mining Licence. Critically, as we navigate the debt and equity finance process, investors should look at this outcome and gain confidence that Black Rock and Faru are focused on our long-term plan to deliver a world-class, sustainable and responsible graphite project at Mahenge,” Black Rock CEO John de Vries.


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