Apathy could sink the mining industry in SA

Disappointment and disbelief have marked the latest crime fighting initiative on mines, even on the back of sterling work done by mining industry organisations in collaboration with the National Intelligence Coordinating Committee (NICOC) to identify and stamp out crime.

While formal letters were circulated to mines and much publicity was received around the initiative, only two responses were received from surface miners, even despite the industry being hard hit by crime in recent time.

Surface mining industry association, ASPASA, voiced disappointment as the date given for submissions lapsed. “We receive almost daily reports of crimes being committed, yet when we ask the industry for information to prevent the crimes we get an apathetical response.

 Information and intelligence

“Too often in our society we become indifferent and it is only until we are directly affected that we start to respond. The idea behind the NICOC initiative is to build up information and intelligence to proactively prevent crime and nab the masterminds that seem to operate with impunity behind the scenes.

“We are all busy with our daily jobs and understand that there is not always time to fully participate in these types of programs. Yet, in these instances we feel it is important to take five or ten minutes and do your bit for the industry.”

This kind of indifference underlines the importance of industry associations like ASPASA who work tirelessly behind the scenes to pave the way for the industry’s success. In addition to NICOC the association works closely with various government departments, police and legislators to push back against crime. It also has an anti-crime committee which works tirelessly among members to find solutions to end the scourge.

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