Africa’s mining leaders to meet in Paris for MOTA 2023

Paris, France- The 6th Mining On Top Africa (MOTA) conference will take place in Paris on July 12th and 13th, 2023, following a short break.

The event serves as a strategic forum for leading stakeholders across Europe to connect with mineral and metal exploration companies from Africa, with the goal of driving collaboration and partnerships for sustainable mining across the continent. Many African countries will be represented at the event, showcasing their abundant mineral resources and new developments in sustainable mining practices.

MOTA brings together a diverse group of participants, including mining and exploration companies, government representatives, and investors, all focused on addressing the key challenges that strategic and financial partners face when investing in Africa’s mining industry. This event is the ideal meeting place for government officials looking to attract in-country investment, mining majors seeking new projects, and explorers looking to raise capital.

The conference will tackle important issues such as responsible mining practices, the need for transparency in the mining sector, and the role of governments and other stakeholders in promoting sustainable mining in Africa. With a special emphasis on critical minerals such as Rare Earth Elements, and Lithium, which are essential for the manufacturing of high-tech products such as smartphones, electric vehicles and batteries and are expected to see significant growth in the coming years.

African countries such as Namibia, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Congo have reported significant deposits of these minerals and are looking to develop their mining industries. The conference will also feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and opportunities for networking among attendees.

MOTA’s advisory board comprises of a diverse team of experts including:

  • Jean-Claude GUILLANEAU, Relations internationals institutionnelles /International Institutional Affairs, Direction Générale/ General Direction, BRGM
  • Alkhaly Yamoussa BANGOURA, Director General, B.A.Y Mining
  • Godwin BEENE, President, Zambia Chamber of Mines
  • Sally BEVINGTON, Sector Director, Mining – Africa, Department of International Trade (DIT), United Kingdom
  • Stéphane BRABANT, Senior Partner, Trinity International AARPI, France

Participants and attendees can expect to gain insight from various industry experts and leaders and also participate in discussions on finding new opportunities and solutions to drive the mining industry forward and make it more sustainable.

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