Processing plant for Molo graphite mine arrives in Madagascar

The processing plant for the Molo graphite mine has arrived and been unloaded at the local port of Fort Dauphin in Madagascar.

Toronto-listed NextSource Materials confirmed the reports and said customs and the modules have been cleared and the Company-appointed logistics specialists have now commenced transporting all modules of the Processing Plant, including two mobile cranes, to the mine site.

“Now that the processing plant has arrived in-country, on-site activity will ramp up significantly over the next several weeks as we begin re-assembly of the processing plant and the auxiliary buildings,” comments president and CEO Craig Scherba.

Site acceptance testing

The company says earthworks at the mine site are complete and civil works are on schedule to be completed by the time the processing plant arrives. It is expected to take about 45 days to re-assemble the processing plant, which was previously erected and underwent factory acceptance testing prior to shipment.

Once re-assembled, the processing plant will undergo site acceptance testing, which is the final step before mine commissioning. The pre-fabricated units for the camp accommodations and auxiliary buildings have also arrived at site and assembly of these support structures will commence shortly.

NextSource also reported that the construction of the solar thermal hybrid energy power plant that will power Phase 1 of the Molo mine is on schedule. The thermal portion of the hybrid solution is expected to be installed and operational at the time of commissioning of the processing plant, with the renewable energy portion following thereafter.

The hybrid plant will be located adjacent to the Molo mine site and when fully operational, will provide up to 33% of the mine’s total Phase 1 electricity needs from renewable solar energy, with the remainder coming from thermal generators.

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