Morocco’s Tichka-Est B-Structure drilling program in progress

Stellar AfricaGold Inc has recorded positive progress with the Phase-1 drilling program at the Tichka-Est B-Structure in Morocco. The firm has able to adapt to the inherent difficulties of drilling in steep mountain terrains with slopes in the range of 45 degrees.

According to the company out of the approximately 15-hole 2,000 meters Phase-1 drilling program, nine holes totalling 825 metres have been completed and based on visual observation in the RC drill cuttings the drill targets appear to have been reached.

Within the apparent mineralized zones all holes are sampled meter-by-meter. Outside of the mineralized zone the holes are sampled in three-meters composite samples when warranted by visible mineralized features. Samples are sent to African Laboratory for Mining and Environment (“Afrilab”) in Marrakech for analysis. The results of this drill program will be announced once assay results are received and adequately compiled.

Trenching of newly discovered C2 Structures

Concurrently with the initial drilling of B structure, six (6) new hand tools trenches at 50 metres intervals have been positioned and are being executed along and across the newly discovered C2 structures.

About the new zone C2

The new structure at Zone C2 is described as being at surface a two to three metres wide quartz-carbonate-sulphides-filled sheared zone oriented N95 degrees and dipping 75 degrees N. It is located 175 metres and parallel to the south of the Zone C and is very similar in composition. Four chips samples were taken across and along the outcropping structure during initial prospection and reported substantial gold contents of 7.56 g/t, 4.30 g/t, 6.42 g/t and 7.02 g/t. This new zone, the 4th identified since the start of the program, has been traced over approximately 300 meters along strike but remains open to the East and to the West. Additional trenches will be added as warranted and if technically feasible to determine the surface extension of this new zone. (see Fig.3)

Access Road Extended to C Structure

To take advantage of the heavy equipment and of the experienced operators that is already on site the Company has decided to push the access road an additional 2.5 km to the East to access structures C and C2 for further mechanized evaluation and drilling of these structures and for opening this new remote area for more detailed exploration for gold and base metals.

About Tichka Est Project, Morroco

The Tichka Est gold project, comprising seven permits aggregating 82 square kilometres, is in the High Atlas Mountain region of Morocco approximately 80 kilometres south-southwest of Marrakech, a region easily accessible year-round via national and regional roads to the village of Analghi located near the mineralized gold zone. Follow up on gold sampling results reported by ONHYM lead Stellar to the discovery of 4 extensive gold mineralized structures A, B and C and recently C2.

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