Lindian Resources announces results from Kangankunde rare earths project in Malawi

Lindian Resources has announced positive results from Kangankunde rare earths project in Malawi.  The firm said that early samples from its maiden drill program revealed continuous visible monazite from surface to current depth. Early results show a monazite content of 5.6% and a total rare earths oxide content of 2.6%.

Kangankunde rare earths project

The project is located in the south of Malawi, 90km north of the city of Blantyre. Rare earth minerals at Kangankunde are hosted in a carbonatite intrusion. A major rock type is Magnesium (dolomitic) carbonatite, while manganese are iron rich carbonatite variants are present. This intrusion shows signs of brecciation with clasts of carbonatite being ‘reworked’. The dimension of the central mineralised carbonatite is about 650 metre long by 400 metres wide.

Samples from the first hole drilled have already arrived in South Africa where they are being prepared before being sent to Australia to be assayed. The firm is hopeful of a steady stream of samples each week

Current works being undertaken in the project include phase 1 of its 12,500m resource definition drilling program. This involves 10,000m of RC drilling and a further 2500m of diamond drilling to test mineralisation to a depth of 300m. Under the second phase, additional deep 1000m drill holes will take place to test the extent and tenor of mineralisation from 300m down to 800 metres.




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