Kenya to shut down gold mining in Isiolo County

The government of Kenya has ordered the shutdown of gold mining at Kom area in Isiolo County to pave way for an environmental audit.

Isiolo County Commissioner Mr. Geoffrey Omoding confirmed the order and said the miners were using heavy machines to crush stones in their artisanal activities without minding the environmental impact.

Environmental risks

He directed those involved in the mining activities to stop operations as the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) conducts the environmental impact assessment to give the ecological guidelines before mining operations can resume.

The government would also post an assistant County Commissioner to the Kom area to reduce the distance the residents travel to seek government services at Merti town which is 75 km away. At the same time Mr. Omoding directed gold miners to seek licenses from all the relevant government authorities before embarking on the work.

The CC said that the recently deployed GSU officers in Kom area have settled, adding that those posted to Mlango and Attan areas would be reporting in the next few days. He directed chiefs and their assistants to team-up with elders in creating awareness to herders to surrender illegal firearms adding the amnesty to hand in firearms still stands. He further added that the former National Police Reservists (NPRs) would be redeployed to reinforce security officers.

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