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JTB ‘ahead of the curve’ with precise pipework marking, measuring and alignment tools from Curv-O-Mark

JTB Industrial Solutions (‘JTB’) proudly offers the premium range of pipe marking, measuring and alignment tools by Curv-O-Mark, which are specifically designed for professional builders, pipe welders and fitters, fabricators or any experienced metalworker. This product range fits perfectly with JTB’s ethos of offering quality and ‘next generation’ engineering tools and solutions to its valued customers.

JTB Managing Director Joash David explains: “As an importer and distributor of engineering consumables, equipment and accessories to a wide variety of industry sectors – both locally and pan-Africa – we search near and far for superior solutions that we can present to our customers across a variety of industry applications, and we are discerning and strategic in our choices.

While the Curv-O-Mark range of precision equipment has been around for over 50 years, it certainly fits into our ‘next generation’ ethos due to its superior design and craftsmanship. The tools allow you to scribe, set angles, and determine bends, radiuses and levels – to the degree or millimetre. This in turn facilitates the provision of final products that conform to high standards of precision and quality.”

JTB Operations Manager Peter Hughes adds: “The niche and unique Curv-O-Mark products, which are made in the USA, are compact, time-saving tools used to mark, measure and align pipe and structural steel joints. They are ideal for quick, precise layout of laterals at any angle, and for any size of joint. We sell both directly and indirectly, to distributors and end-users alike, for a broad range of applications. This includes the welding and air conditioning sectors, to name just two examples which showcase the broad range of industry applications.”

JTB and Curv-O-Mark facilitate pipe measuring requirements

The Curv-O-Mark tools offered by JTB include the following options:

  • A lightweight level, which is ideal for a pipe fitter, welder, jig builder or anyone who has to determine angles or do setup work;
  • A contour marker, consisting of an X frame, a calibrated protractor and a triple joint marking arm;
  • A 90⁰ protractor with a matching locking lever to set and hold the tool at the desired angle;
  • Centering heads, which aid in setting centrelines, establishing angles and marks for butt inns, locating points inside pipes and tanks, and laying out keyways; and
  • A radius marker, for a radius of up to 600mm.
Quick and precise layouts

Features and benefits of the Curv-O-Mark range include the following:

  • The tools are very user-friendly, even when working at awkward angles;
  • They eliminate the need for complicated mathematical formulas or the ‘cut and try’ method;
  • The tools assist with accuracy – even when working upside down
  • They improve efficiency as well as accuracy, bringing precision to almost any layout task; and
  • Facilitate less material waste.

“The Curv-O-Mark range is well-known in South Africa amongst those who require such tools,” says David. “As such, we enjoy a steady customer demand locally for these products – as well as an easy and well-established relationship with the manufacturer. We are proud to carry the Curv-O-Mark name and assist our customers who require access to this high-end and well-respected range of quality measuring tools,” he concludes.

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