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Bonfiglioli and KDI partnership geared for success

By forging a landmark strategic partnership with KDI, Bonfiglioli has entrenched its presence in South Africa, a country that has been its base for the past 31 years. With a new shareholder aboard, the company has more impetus to raise the game in the delivery of state-of-the-art gear motors and drive systems to clients in South Africa and the region.

This is the time when South Africa, Africa’s economic powerhouse and one of the biggest exporters of equipment components to the SADC region, needs to boost its manufacturing capacity. This is in view of disruptions in the global supply chain, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the War in Ukraine, which have not spared industries in the region. Currently, organisations in mining and manufacturing industries are concerned about the impact on their production, due to the delays in the supply of components price


In view of the status quo, the conclusion of the strategic partnership between KDI Group, a South African business, and Bonfiglioli, a global manufacturing company, headquartered in Italy, could not have been timelier. Following the deal, KDI now holds 25% shares of Bonfiglioli South Africa.

Perfect partner

Bonfiglioli, a family-owned business, has been operating in South Africa for over 31 years, servicing key industries in mining, construction, energy and others. Kuseni Dlamini, Chairperson of the KDI Group, states that, in an organisation of Bonfiglioli’s stature, KDI could not have asked for a more perfect partner. “As KDI, we are pleased to be a strategic partner to Bonfiglioli.

Though a global company, we share a common vision, values and mission and we are particularly proud of its commitment to its people, customers and community. We see opportunities to further entrench the Bonfiglioli brand among our many customers and stakeholders to expand and grow the business into Africa.”

Moreover, Dlamini sees the partnership equipping South African companies with state-of-the-art geared motors and drive systems that will enable them to compete globally, addition to increasing their footprint on the continent.

Global business, local presence

From Bonfiglioli’s perspective, Fausto Carboni, CEO of Bonfiglioli Group, says the strategic partnership with KDI underlines that Bonfiglioli is a global business, but embedded in communities, a firm believer in the notion of “local for local”. “The strategic partnership with Kuseni Dlamini and KDI is an important milestone in our business. There are strong synergies between KDI Group and Bonfiglioli and we believe that the values and vision we both share will take this partnership to new heights and add value, not only for the business but for our people, our customers and communities.”

 Increase in demand 

The strategic partnership will strengthen Bonfiglioli’s foothold in the market in which there is always demand for its products from industries. With mining companies ramping up activity to profit from record-high commodity prices, the Group anticipates seeing an increase in demand in gear motors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes and inverters.

It is evident that the partnership between Bonfiglioli and KDI is geared toward success. Bonfiglioli South Africa is managed by a South African, Professor Henco du Plooy and at the global helm is its owner and chairman, Sonia Bonfiglioli.

Bonfiglioli Group

Bonfiglioli is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and distributor of a complete range of gear motors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes and inverters, which satisfy the most challenging and demanding needs in industrial automation, mobile machinery and renewable energy. The Group serves more industries and applications than any other most drives manufacturer and is a market leader in many sectors; its three business units – Discrete Manufacturing & Process Industries, Motion & Robotics and Mobility & Wind Industries – embody all the expertise and experience acquired over the years in the respective industries.

Established in 1956, Bonfiglioli operates worldwide in 80 countries with 24 commercial sites, 15 production sites, a wide and expansive distribution network comprising more than 550 partners, and can count on over 4.000 professionals. Excellence, innovation, and sustainability are the drivers behind the growth of Bonfiglioli as a company company and team and represent, which insures the guarantee of the products, and its services quality offered to its clients.


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