Grindex Mega claims title as dewatering workhorse

Suitable for pumping large quantities of dirty water, the heavy duty Grindex Mega pump is often referred to as the workhorse of pump dewatering. This is because apart from being known for its high reliability, durability and dependability, this pump can handle abrasive particles with ease.

Integrated Pump Technology is the official Grindex pump distributor for southern African and the Grindex Mega is available through its strategically situated network of distributors which cover South Africa and across-border countries as well as Zambia and the DRC.

Grindex Mega pump

Easy to install and simple to operate, the plug-and-play Grindex Mega pump is available in two configurations, the Mega N for normal head applications and the Mega H for those that require very high head pumping such as deep excavations found in open pit operations as well as underground mines.

Manufactured from cast iron, the Grindex Mega pump is engineered for use in heavy duty arduous applications including those with corrosive liquids such as salt water or where the pH levels is between 6 to 13. Zinc anodes are available for extra protection. The pump has a flow rate of 150 litres per second at a maximum head of 200 metres.

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