Gold mine in Sudan collapses

A gold mine in northern Sudan has collapsed killing at least 14 people. Sudanese Mineral Resources Company spokesperson Moataz Hajj confirmed the report and said the accident was caused due to a collapsed section of a mountainside near al Jabal al Ahmar mine, located 70km from Wadi Halfa.

According to witnesses, the mine also collapsed due to the use of heavy machinery by the workers inside mining wells for gold. More than 20 people were also reported injured and transferred to a nearby hospital. Local security sources indicated that the number of casualties at the site could rise due to the difficulty of the rescue operation. A search mission is underway for the missing miners.

Safety standards

The northeast African nation of 46 million is a major gold producer, with a record production of more than 18 tons of the precious metal in 2022, according to the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company. About half of the country’s gold is smuggled out of the country, with proceeds often used to finance internal conflicts, African News reported.

Gold mine collapses are common in Sudan due to poor maintenance and low safety standards. In late 2021, the collapse of a defunct mine about 435 miles south of the capital of Khartoum led to the death of at least 38 people. Four miners were reportedly killed at that same mine earlier that year.


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