First gold refinery launched in South Sudan

The first and only gold refinery in South Sudan has been launched.  Egyptian Company, BTC Global performed the launch ceremony in Juba’s Munuki area. Speaking at the event, Vice President for Infrastructure Cluster Taban Deng Gai, hailed the company for unveiling the refinery, but also cautioned that it may face competition from artisan gold dealers.

“it’s not going to be easy thing because there are cartels in those areas, they are mainly Somalis who are selling our gold to Kenyans and Ugandans, there will be a big problem, if you want to buy from them they will increase the prices. To young South Sudanese, this is an important opportunity for you; you can work as the suppliers of gold to BTC. Please go Kapoeta, Lobonok, and Chukudum and do the gold business,” said Deng.

 Industrial mining

BTC Global will utilize the refine through buying and selling raw gold, scrap gold and ingots using the most advanced technology and experts. William Aliga Bethsmith, a representative from the ministry of mining urged the company to work with the artisanal miners who are involved in mining saying the country has not ventured into industrial mining.

“Coming to the supply of gold, this is the most important aspect that you need to be very robust in, whereby you need to work hand in hand with the artisanal miners in South Sudan because for now, these are the people who are mining the gold. South Sudan doesn’t have industrial mining and it still uses artisanal mining. We believe that this project will bring a positive impact on the people of South Sudan over the next years. Today we share the passion for a common mission to dig the golden opportunities and we look forward to achieving those milestones with our new family here in South Sudan,” he stated.



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