Elcora and Mincape partner for manganese exploration in Morocco

Elcora and Mincape have announced a partnership to establish manganese mining operations in Morocco and West Africa. The move aims to support expansion of the Electric Vehicle (EV) battery market and ensuring a sustainable source of high-quality manganese ore.

The collaboration will see Elcora bringing its experience in battery metals, logistics, and global market access to the partnership. Mincape on the other hand will contribute its expertise in geology, research, sustainable resource development, and advanced mining technologies.

Responsible mining

The partnership emphasizes responsible and environmentally conscious mining operations. It plans to use state-of-the-art mining technologies and solutions to ensure efficient operations while minimizing environmental impact. They’ll also focus on clean and sustainable energy solutions during the mining period.

The two companies will work together to identify and develop both existing and new manganese deposits in Morocco and West Africa to ensure a stable supply of high-grade manganese for the EV battery market. The partnership also aims to invest in research and development in manganese processing. This is intended to optimize the use of manganese in next-generation battery technologies, which is crucial for the advancement of EVs and clean energy solutions.

The project is expected to stimulate economic growth in the region by creating job opportunities and fostering local skills development. This can have a positive impact on the local communities where mining operations are established.

Elcora CEO Troy Grant emphasized the significance of the partnership in supporting the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions. Mincape’s Manager, Hassan Bouzahzah, highlighted the reliability of the partnership in supplying high-quality manganese ore while maintaining responsible mining practices.

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