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Dekra Institute of Learning ‘moving on up’!

- Excellent growth and a move to bigger and better premises

Significant business growth during the past two years has prompted a move to bigger premises for safety and training company, the Dekra Institute of Learning (IOL), which consults and advises on occupational health and safety-related matters to companies in South Africa and throughout the continent. The move to the new premises in Centurion was effective from 01 November 2022.

Christopher Mörsner, Head of the Training and Consulting at Dekra IOL, says, “As a division of Dekra Industrial in South Africa, we are part of an well-established, 97 year-old company driven by the vision of being a ‘global partner for a safe world’. As such, Dekra IOL offers a range of training and consulting on quality and safety considerations across a number of different working environments, ranging from white collar through to construction, industrial and mining.

We are delighted at the growth that we have seen over the past two years, which has necessitated this move to better, more spacious premises, to facilitate organisational efficiencies and further growth.” Mörsner says he attributes the company’s growth to a number of factors. These include legislative requirements, the passion and energy shown by Dekra IOL’s dedicated team and a fresh energy among its clients, as the Covid-19 virus moved from a pandemic to an endemic status.

“I believe that, with more people getting back to the workplace again as the ferocity of the Covid pandemic abated, employers have been invested in ‘doing the right thing’ and ensuring that workplace safety matters are firmly on the company agenda,” he notes.

“While it is the employer’s legislated responsibility to ensure that their employees’ safety and well-being at work are considered, many studies have proven that over the longer term, this also has a positive effect on productivity.”

Dekra IOL

Mörsner explains that Dekra IOL is successful in meeting its clients’ needs in this regard: “Risk management affects all areas of your business – well-being and productivity perhaps most of all – and it is therefore essential for employers to identify potential risks and implement contingency measures.

We inform our clients with regards to statutory compliance regarding occupational health and safety matters, and also offer consulting services to assist them in reducing unnecessary risk.” He is also excited about the positive effect the new premises will have in terms of allowing Dekra IOL to continue its upward growth trajectory, observing: “With any business that shows substantial growth, its capabilities are eventually limited by existing infrastructure. Due to the significant growth our company had achieved, it was a business imperative for Dekra IOL to move to bigger premises in order to maintain our growth, while also securing future sustainability.”

Mörsner says the location of the new premises, in the Success Academy business centre in Centurion, is strategically planned. “Firstly,” he explains, “our new offices are located on the Gautrain route, with easy access to public transport for students attending our training.

Secondly, the business centre that is our new ‘home’ has an ethos and culture of supporting its tenants by actively promoting networking and driving new business opportunities between the different companies on site.”

In this way, he notes, Dekra IOL foresees opportunities to capitalise on further growth for the division by being exposed to a market to which it did not previously have access. Mörsner adds that he is very humbled by – and grateful for – Dekra IOL’s recent growth and its move to the new premises: “We are offering a product that relates to people,” he observes, “and I am extremely proud of the efforts of our team of people. It is because of their enthusiasm and hard work that we have achieved what we have so far. Our success has been as a result of the efforts and passion of everyone in our team, and is directly attributable to their wholehearted belief in the importance of ensuring occupational health, safety and well-being for employees everywhere.

Opening our new offices for the first time, for our first working day there, was a truly joyous and memorable occasion for us all – and we look forward to going from strength to strength as heroes – and facilitators – of safety, true to our parent company Dekra’s proud 97 year track record,” he concludes.

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