Carl Hamm’s turnkey dewatering solutions for African mining projects

Effective dewatering, compliant and productive mining

Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions is committed to delivering the best possible customised turnkey dewatering solutions to solve challenges that mining companies face on-site as they are increasing output.  Carl Hamm’s involvement helps mining operations focus on their core business and rest assured about high quality and backup service. It offers businesses in the mining industry specialised pipes, pumps and solutions to industry-related problems.

The implementation of sound dewatering practices in a mining project is one of the most critical obligations that are stipulated under the conditions of an operating licence. Among others, this is regarded as one of the ways of mitigating the impact of various activities on the environment through the Life Of Mine (LOM).

However, as various reports have indicated, dewatering can be a big challenge in mines affecting production and causing environmental pollution. In extreme cases, where there is evidence of pollution, regulators – in the South African context, the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) – can suspend a licence for violation.

Carl Hamm’s Turnkey Dewatering Solutions for African Mining Projects

Increasingly complex burden

Presently, mining companies are increasing output to get more revenue from a spell of high commodity prices. And with this situation, Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions is concerned that dealing with excess water produced from various processes will become an increasingly complex burden on mine sites. This is taking into account that already most of the dewatering methods that mining companies use are not as effective as desired.

 Adoption of novel techniques

Considering what is at stake, Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions urges mining companies to adopt novel techniques of mine dewatering. The company is sufficiently qualified to share pertinent know-how based on broad experience gathered from consulting for mining projects for clientele. Through a project house approach, Carl Hamm South Africa offers businesses in the mining industry specialised pipes, pumps and solutions to industry-related problems.

Customised turnkey dewatering solutions

Concerning excess water, Carl Hamm recommends its turnkey dewatering solutions to mining companies. Its customised solutions have proved very effective in handling excess water conditions where traditional tried and tested techniques fail.

The solutions are structured in the form of a ‘one-stop under-one roof’ solution, which has been widely lauded for the convenience it offers. The Chief Executive Officer of Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions, Chris Munnick, highlights two benefits of the approach of consolidating all supplier costs and having a shared infrastructure. “The turnkey approach assists us in having a good overview of which products can be put together to have the most effective result. It’s also effective in maintaining timelines for expeditious completion of projects – when there is a deadline to be met, we work together to make that happen.”

Carl Hamm’s solution encompasses the pumps, motor and shrouds. If needed at the start of the system, the ZSM piping, header works and electrical instrumentation to protect and monitor the system and the electrical equipment to best operate the system are included.

Shedding more light on why the company decided to introduce customised turnkey solutions, Munnick states that every mine has distinct conditions. Thus, accordingly, Carl Hamm customises a solution to suit a customer’s specific needs.

 Quality assurance and backup service, increased output

By and large, through engaging Carl Hamm PPS to solve complex water dewatering problems they encounter, clientele should rest assured about quality assurance and backup service. “While we cannot control what the pipes are used for, we can assure a Quality product that will not fail and cause environmental spillage and damage. More importantly, our turnkey solution removes the burden of dewatering from mining companies, which ensures that they devote focus to  their core business and increase output, over and above achieving compliance,” Munnick wraps up.

Besides specialised pumps and solutions to industry-related problems, Carl Hamm PPS together with its industry partners, the company has solutions for drilling, well construction, borehole sinking and geotechnic divisions as well. Another vital accessory used in dewatering is the Carl Hamm ZSM Connection. ZSM, the tight sleeve connection, is an axial non-positive and detachable pipe connection. It is used as a vertical riser pipe in open-pit and underground mines as well as in deep wells. The ZSM system is highly regarded for its versatility. Besides mine dewatering, the ZSM system can be used in the batching of Concrete, Shotcrete, and emulsion into mines from the surface.

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Small service centre in the pipeline

While Carl Hamm generally exceeds customer expectations, it is cognisant the needs of mining companies are constantly changing. And so, as a forward-thinking entity, Carl Hamm constantly adds new products or services to its range to address.

Mines normally service in-house. Unfortunately, this proves to be very costly, a liability, as it is not their core business. To help mining companies free up their resources for better use elsewhere, Carl Hamm is building a small service centre at its new premises to service its HPX pumps range when required by the client. The centre will be fully equipped with all the correct tools and personnel with specialised know-how to ensure that services are done in full and to the highest standard.

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Failsafe and robust pumping

Carl Hamm recognises the significance of failsafe and robust pump performance that guarantees process uptime with minimal downtime in mining projects. This is what Düchting HPX offers.

Munnick describes Düchting HPX as a high-quality pump brand that has excelled and prevailed in harsh conditions in mining and other industrial applications globally. “The conventional Multistage pump can take water contamination of 300 PPM (Parts per million). In contrast, most remarkably, Düchting HPX does 50 000 PPM and can cope with 5% silt per volume. It also has a mean time between services of 24 000 hours versus conventional pumps offering 8 000 hours.”

Manufactured by Düchting Pumpen, a fourth-generation German company, Düchting HPX is a proven product with a global footprint developed with German technology. It is available in single-stage and multistage centrifugal pumps for several applications.

Each Düchting Pumpen is custom-made to the application criteria, for example, shut-off pressure, and water quality. Then it undergoes a stringent quality assurance process i.e., each weld is checked by x-ray and every coupling is tracked through a serial number.


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