British Oriole Resources confirms lithium discovery in Cameroon

Oriole Resources has confirmed the discovery of lithium in Cameroon. The British mining company’s CEO Tim Livesey said the pegmatites have been unveiled in the Adamaoua and Littoral regions of Cameroon.

“Multiple lithium-bearing pegmatite units were identified that underpin the source of the ~9km lithium-in-soil anomalies reported in Q4 2022. At Ndom (Littoral, ed) 64 rock-chip samples were taken, 55 targeting pegmatite veins up to 1.5m wide. Mapping and sampling are ongoing at Gamboukou (Adamaoua, ed). While lithium was not an original target for Oriole, the anomalies highlighted by the earlier programs seem to be associated with the correct granitic host units and this has created a great opportunity for additional value added in this extensive package of ground,” said the CEO.

Lithium discovery

A total of 64 rock-chip samples were taken at Ndom, 55 of which are targeting pegmatite veins up to 1.5 metres wide. Mapping and sampling programmes continue at Gamboukou, which Oriole secured in November. The confirmation of lithium on the Cameroonian territory means a significant economic opportunity for the country. Lithium is touted as a strategic mineral for the global energy transition. It is one of the key elements contained in the batteries of smartphones and electric vehicles.

Beyond the energy sector, lithium has many other uses. “As an alkali, this element has many industrial applications. It is used, for example, to polish porcelain. In alkaline batteries, it is used as an additive to extend the life of the battery. It is also found in some forms of welding, such as brass welding. Another main use is in the health sector, where lithium has long been used in the treatment of bipolar disorders,” according to


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