Base Resources to proceed with Kenyan mineral sands project

Base Resources is set to proceed with Kenyan mineral sands project following successful completion of the definitive feasibility study (DFS), which determined the mine’s economic viability.

The firm said the studies revealed the Bumamani mineral sands project is expected to involve a $28.1m investment for development. This project includes the higher-grade subsets of the Bumamani and Kwale North Dune deposits.

Mine life 

The DFS also validated the feasibility of concurrently mining the two areas with the Kwale South Dune deposit. Base Resources expects to begin mining at the Kwale North Dune deposit in March 2023. This latest move is projected to extend the operational life of the firm’s fully owned mineral sands operations in Kwale County (Kwale operations) by 13 months to December 2024. Located 50km south of Mombasa, Kenya, the Kwale rutile-rich, low-cost operation currently accounts for 65% of the country’s mining industry in accordance with the mineral output value.

“Proceeding with the Bumamani Project is a significant further step towards extending mine life at Kwale Operations and maintaining operational continuity, providing additional time to develop other opportunities in Kenya and the region,” said he Australia-based firm.

The company plans to mine an additional 17.9Mt of ore reserves under the Bumamani project. This is expected to result in the production of 42,000t of rutile, 171,000t of ilmenite, and 20,000t of zircon. Base Resources intends to use the existing hydraulic mining units (HMUs) of Kwale operations.

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