Ammann soil compactor offers high value with efficiency

ELB Equipment, one of South Africa’s largest compaction machine suppliers, offers clients the Ammann ARS 122 soil compactor, an industry leader in compaction efficiency.

“The Ammann ARS 122 soil compactor provides outstanding productivity and reliability. The powerful engine and heavy-duty hydrostatic drive of the wheels ensures great traction and travel performance at lower operating cost. The roller is suitable for compaction of a wide range of soil, from silt to crushed stones,” explained Keon Kardolus, ELB Equipment, earthmoving and construction sales manager.

He adds that due to the compactor utilizing Ammann’s effective vibratory system, with varied amplitude settings as well as energy being driven into the material and away from the operator; the Swiss manufacturer has ensured the ARS 122 outdoes its competitors on the field.

“This compactor offers operators hydraulic propulsion of wheels with independent hydro motors (and no axles). Furthermore, there is a low centre of gravity for stability and manoeuvrability and better ground clearance,” adds Keon.

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Other key features of the Ammann ARS 122 include the clear dashboard layout which enables easy and safe operation. The compactor also has a fully isolated operator platform for maximum comfort. With the rising cost of fuel, another notable feature is the compactor’s fuel efficiency due to the highly durable Cummins engine. In terms of time saving, the compactor has easily accessible maintenance points.

“The Ammann ARS 122 offers clients a wide variety of applications medium to large job sites. These can include transport construction such as motorways, railways as well as airfields. For applications in construction, the compactor can be used in industrial zones as well as harbours. It is suitable for compaction of all kinds of soils and wet mixes,” explained Keon.

Standard equipment included with the Ammann ARS 122 soil compactor are:

  • Drum and wheel propel system
  • Operator platform with guard rails
  • Lockable dashboard with Vandal guard
  • Smooth drum
  • Manual tilting of hood / cab / platform
  • Working head lights front and rear
  • Engine air pre-cleaner

Optional items which can be added:

  • ACE (Ammann Compaction Expert)
  • Ammann Traction Optimizer (ATO)
  • Working speed increase kit
  • Tractor tyres
  • Bio-degradable hydraulic oil
  • Bolt on pad-foot shell kit
  • Airconditioning (Cab)
  • Rollover protection structure (ROPS) with or without hard canopy

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