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Mining Whistleblowing findings being announced at PDAC

WhistleBlower Security is releasing it’s Global Mining Report on the first day of PDAC this Sunday, March 5 and I wanted alert you to some of the key findings.

WhistleBlower Security President Shannon Walker will be attending the Toronto conference on March 5 & 6 and is available to discuss the report and share best practices on implementing a whistleblower hotline.

Key Findings WhistleBlower Security Global Mining Report

  • Mining employees report ethical breaches 300 days sooner than employees working in 22 other global industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, education and transportation.
  • 55% of all whistleblowers in mining reported the incident on the same day it occurred, an increase of 23% since 2021.
  • Mining gains an edge over other sectors by achieving a 23% surge in same-day issue reporting and learning of issues 300 days earlier. This leads to minimized risks and damages, and swift detection of previously overlooked health, safety, and environmental concerns.

The aggregate data used is from dozens of mining companies that operate across four continents in 11 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, United States and West Africa.

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