Zimbabwe kicks offs operations at Zulu Lithium Mine

Premier African Minerals has started operations at its Zulu Lithium Mine in Zimbabwe and has made its first blast at the mine.

The company is set to introduce first ore at the mining facility before end of April and plans to produce high grade Spodumene, a source of lithium, which it intends to export. In addition to increasing the country’s rare earths and mining industry, the project will also create job opportunities for locals.

Premier African Minerals is expanding its footprint across Zimbabwe’s mining industry with large-scale rare earths mining projects, including RHA Tungstein, Katete, and Tinde projects. Zimbabwe is the world’s fifth-largest producer of lithium.

Lithium mining

“We are waiting for one regent to arrive which is on its way. The objective is to produce SE6 as it is known. It’s a concentrate and a step up in processing of the ore that we are planning to export. I think we are going to be one of the early producers of high grade Spodumene (source of lithium) in Zimbabwe,” said George Roach, CEO of Premier African Minerals.

As a light metal, lithium is widely used in industrial production because of its great toughness, good ductility and good chemical activity. At present, the types of lithium ore used in the industrial field are spodumene, lithium micite, lithium phosphate aluminum stone, iron lithium micite and lithium permeable feldase. Because of the different types, the mineral beneficiation process is not the same.

Zimbabwe has been mining lithium for 60 years and the government estimates that its Chinese-owned Bikita mine, which is located 300 km south of the capital Harare, has about 11 million metric tons of lithium resources.

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