Ma’aden awards Phase 1 Phosphate 3 project contract

Australian consultant Worley and Morocco’s JESA International has been awarded engineering, procurement and construction management contract by Ma’aden, for the first phase of its Phosphate 3 project.

Chris Ashton, CEO of Worley confirmed the report and said as per the agreement, in-Kingdom services will be provided by Worley, while out-of-Kingdom services will be provided by JESA International.

“We are pleased that Worley has been selected for providing services to Ma’aden’s Phosphate 3 development program that is expected to make Saudi Arabia one of the leading phosphate fertilizer exporters worldwide,” said Chris Ashton.

Phosphate 3 project

The Ma’aden’s project consists of the design and construction of new process plants in the Saudi industrial cities of Wa’ad Al Shamal and Ras Al-Khair.  The plants are part of an integrated greenfield complex that aims to generate 1.5 million metric tons of phosphate fertilizers a year.

Implementation will take place through Worley’s offices in Saudi Arabia and India and JESA’s facility in Morocco. Ma’aden aims to complete the first phase of its Phosphate 3 complex in 2025 and the second phase in 2027, it said in its second-quarter 2022 investor presentation.

The value of the 42-month contract is $278 million (1.043 billion Saudi riyals). When complete, Phosphate 3 will produce 1.5 metric tonnes per year of phosphate fertilisers.

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