Elcora granted manganese exploitation license in Morocco

Canada- based firm, Elcora Advanced Materials Corporation has been issued licence that grants them permission to mine, extract, process and sell manganese from its 16 square kilometre mining concession – Atlas Fox Deposit in Morocco.

The Atlas Fox Deposit had been mined until the mid-fifties when the French rule in Morocco came to an end. The neighboring village was built for staff accommodation and administration. The mining methods were basic.

Production potential

In a statement, the firm said they will use open pit method of mining, during initial stages of mining with the production potential run rate at the Atlas Fox Deposit being approximately 2,500 metric tonnes per month.  The manganese exploitation license was issued to firm’s wholly owned subsidiary Ermazon SARL. Elcora’s local Moroccan team is working on getting the final government requirements with plans to start production before the end of 2022

“The extraction and processing of manganese requires specialised skills and technology, and the development of manganese-based batteries has the potential to create new industries driving Elcora’s growth,” Elcora CEO Troy Grant.



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