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TOMRA Mining to demonstrate ground-breaking diamond Final Recovery sorter at Electra Mining 2022

TOMRA Mining will showcase its sensor-based sorting solutions on Booth E07 in Hall 6 at the Electra Mining 2022 exhibition, which will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from 5-9 September. For the first time, it will conduct live demonstrations of its ground-breaking COM XRT 300 /FR final recovery sorter to illustrate its unique advantages for diamond operations. Representatives from its

Sales and Field Service teams will also present TOMRA’s offering of advanced digital products and services, such as the TOMRA Insight cloud-based platform and its latest generation TOMRA ACT PC- based system, as well as its portfolio of sorting solutions for the diamonds, metals and industrial minerals industry.

“The Electra Mining Show is the perfect platform for us to showcase TOMRA’s advanced mining solutions,” says Corné de Jager, Diamond Segment Manager TOMRA Mining. “This important exhibition attracts a wide audience – from operators and metallurgists- interested in smart solutions that are simple to operate and maintain, to decision makers who need to be up to date with the latest value-adding technologies. At the event we will have the opportunity to meet them face to face and discuss their requirements, giving them a taste or TOMRA’s collaborative approach, product expertise and after-sales support.”

TOMRA also offers demonstrations of the COM XRT 300 /FR and other sorters at its premises in Johannesburg, South Africa, and at its Demonstration Center in Wedel, Germany. Interested mining operators who are not planning to attend the Electra Mining exhibition can book a demonstration at a time and location of their choice.

First-hand experience of the TOMRA COM XRT 300 /FR unique benefits

TOMRA will demonstrate the Final Recovery sorter with fine kimberlitic or alluvial ore together with diamond powdered tracers in a Final Recovery and Sort House application. Visitors will be able to experience first-hand the sorter’s capability to produce an ultra-high diamond-by-weight concentrate with and exceptionally low yield by using TOMRA’s proprietary ultra-high-resolution sensor, advanced new image processing, and high-precision ejector valve system. The sorter offers 100% diamond detection within the specified size fraction and > 99% guaranteed diamond recovery with appropriate feed material preparation. Plant Managers and Operators will appreciate this user- friendly, compact and easy-to-operate and maintain sorter.

“We are very excited to demonstrate the TOMRA COM XRT 300 /FR sorter,” comments Corné de Jager. “It completes our unique partnered diamond recovery ecosystem, which covers the entire process. We are now able to offer our customers a full XRT solution to sort +2-100mm particles: +4- 100mm particles with our bulk concentration sorters, and +2-32mm particles with the COM XRT 300 /FR in its Final Recovery, Sort House or small-capacity exploration applications. The sorter offers higher efficiency, better grade, simplified security requirements with fewer sorting stages and a smaller footprint. It reduces complexity and operational costs, and unlocks the potential for previously deemed non-profitable projects and marginal deposits to be economically viable. ”

The COM XRT 300 /FR sorter can also add value to existing kimberlitic and alluvial operations that use conventional bulk-concentration methods like Rotary Pans, Dense Medium Separation or X-Ray Luminescence, if installed in a Final Recovery and/or Sort House function after these existing processes. With a contained capital expense, operations can benefit from a quick, simple and significant revenue gain.

TOMRA’s complete partnered diamond recovery ecosystem

The TOMRA team at the exhibition will explain the full benefits of its complete partnered diamond recovery ecosystem consisting of XRT technology covering the entire process – from Bulk Concentration to Final Recovery and Sort House applications – advanced digital products and services. These include the TOMRA ACT PC-based system with a simplified and highly intuitive interface, which enables more features and monitoring data to be processed and stored on the TOMRA Insight cloud-based subscription solution that offers a secure, controlled access near real- time multi-sorter monitoring platform. Customers are able to access digital metrics on the status and performance of their sorters on their desktop and mobile devices through a web-based interface.

The connected sorters enable a more proactive collaboration between the customer’s operational staff and management, and – if authorised – TOMRA’s team of service experts. TOMRA’s premium diamond recovery solution includes custom development with the customer all the way to installation, after-sales service and product support delivered by specialist experts, and training. TOMRA also offers on-site service level agreements – which can be tailored to the individual customer’s specific requirements – to ensure the availability, capacity and recovery performance of the sorting machines. In addition, TOMRA is able to provide remote assistance using its digital tools: TOMRA VPN Remote Assist, TOMRA Insight, and its Augmented Reality tool TOMRA Visual Assist.

TOMRA Solutions for a variety of mining sectors

TOMRA Mining has 190 sorter installations operating around the world, of which more than 60 are in Africa. It offers installation opportunities in Africa in the metals industry, for example in applications such as lithium, chromite, platinum, manganese and gold. Its wide portfolio of sensor- based sorting solutions include the TOMRA COM XRT 2.0 sorter – the highest-capacity in its XRT range – which offers great opportunities in the metals sector.

About TOMRA Mining

TOMRA Mining designs and manufactures sensor-based sorting technologies for the global mineral processing and mining industries. As the world market leader in sensor-based ore sorting, TOMRA is responsible for developing and engineering cutting-edge technology made to withstand harsh mining environments. TOMRA maintains its rigorous focus on quality and future-oriented thinking with technology tailor-made for mining.


TOMRA was founded on an innovation in 1972 that began with the design, manufacturing and sale of reverse vending machines (RVMs) for automated collection of used beverage containers. Today TOMRA provides technology-led solutions that enable the circular economy with advanced collection and sorting systems that optimize resource recovery and minimize waste in the food, recycling and, mining industries and is committed to building a more sustainable future. TOMRA has ~100,000 installations in over 80 markets worldwide and had total revenues of ~10.9 billion NOK in 2021. The Group employs ~4,600 globally and is publicly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE: TOM).

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