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SEW-EURODRIVE all set to support Africa’s growth

Despite the travails of the global economy and uncertainty in many countries, Africa will be the place to do business in the coming years.

So says Raymond Obermeyer, managing director of SEW-EURODRIVE South Africa, whose company has worked successfully around southern, central and east Africa for decades. The company’s expansion efforts are now ramping up, as SEW-EURODRIVE has embarked on a progressive branch establishment strategy.

“Customers around Africa know our brand well, and respect the precision German engineering that underlies all our products. They also rely on our strong service ethic, which is based on our culture of responsiveness and understanding customer needs,” says Obermeyer.

A key aspect of the company’s high levels of customer support derives from its infrastructure and capability – as well as having a presence close to customers’ sites. Ready availability of stock, and quick turnaround times for designed solutions, are ensured by SEW-EURODRIVE’s newly built and expanded facility in Aeroton, Johannesburg.

State-of-the-art facility

“These new headquarters – worth around R500 million in infrastructure and stock – was a carefully considered investment in our future growth,” he explains. “It has also enabled a three-fold increase in our stockholding, which is vital to ensuring that customers get what they need, when they need it.”

In addition to serving branches in Nelspruit, Durban, Cape Town and Gqeberha, this state-of-the-art facility supports over 23 more countries in Africa. It is this proven branch model that the company is now rolling out. Moving gradually away from the distributor model of product sales and support, he explains that four countries are strategically targeted each year for a branch establishment.

“Taking a phased approach to our growth strategy, we began establishing branches in our key growth areas of Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya and Tanzania in 2022. In the years to come, we aim to target around four countries a year in which to put a branch in place,” he says.

The model, emphasises Obermeyer, has benefits not only to customers but also to the host countries. While the investment is greater, there is more control over factors like service quality and performance. By appointing and training its own staff, SEW-EURODRIVE is ensuring that customers get a uniformly high standard of support, irrespective of their location.

“This strategy also aligns with the growing trend in Africa towards localisation. Countries are wanting to see more local benefit from economic growth, and a move away from relying on foreign companies and expatriate workers,” he points out.

Building on the experience of running its own strong branch network in South Africa, SEW- EURODRIVE is excited about the prospect of building capacity around Africa. This includes more formal training and mentorship of local staff in African branches – to service the continent’s already large population of SEW-EURODRIVE motors, gearboxes, geared motors and other equipment.

“Our equipment is to be found in a wide range of industries around Africa – from food and beverage to cement, mining and pharmaceutical. Our hands-on approach to our work means that we understand operating conditions in each country, and so we have developed the expertise to deliver the way our customers require,” says Obermeyer.

He emphasises that casual observers tend to underestimate the recent growth – and potential – in most African countries. It is being driven by considerable investment in world class industrial facilities which demand high-tech equipment supported by qualified and experienced experts.

“This is where SEW-EURODRIVE is positioned. We are leveraging our experience in these markets to deliver the best quality equipment and components – supported by unsurpassed service and commitment to customers,” he concludes.

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