Onsite-PPE vendor-managed services for mining projects

Partner with the Proven Onsite PPE-vendors

Sheq Safety is the manufacturer of Sahara Workwear, a SABS-accredited brand, and is informing mining companies to only engage companies that have a proven track record in the provision of PPE-vendor services to the industry. The company services the industry with PPE VMI on-site stores, over and above supplying gifts and fatality-free shift packages and other relevant products. 

 Partnering with established service providers of PPE vendor-managed services is one of the ways that can enable mining companies – with respect to South Africa – to comply with the Mine Health and Safety Act (MHSA) and Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). This is the timely advice of the management of Sheq Safety as they observe increased mining activity which necessitates procurement of relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to mitigate the escalating risk of accidents.

Sheq Safety’s advice is based on tons of experience accumulated from years of servicing the industry diligently with PPE VMI on-site stores, over and above supplying gifts and fatality-free shift packages and other relevant products. Sheq Safety strives to meet customers’ full needs in relevant PPE.

Need for prudent decisions 

Management of Sheq Safety advises mining companies to make prudent decisions when looking for partners to provide onsite vendor-based PPE stores. This is bearing in mind that, with the complex demands of the current mining environment, traditional approaches to PPE procurement fall short in helping mining companies achieve compliance. In particular, over and above striving to achieve cost containment and increasing revenue, mining companies have to contend with changes in regulations, mainly safety and environmental compliance.

The limitations of traditional PPE procurement

Rapid changes in the operating environment throughout the world are exposing the limitations of traditional approaches to the procurement of commodities in different sectors. This is underscoring the need for the industry to adopt innovative means.

Duly, in response to shifting customer needs, some players in the FMCG sector in South Africa have adopted online Apps. For instance, FMCG companies like Pick-n-Pay, Checkers, Spar, among others, now all have online Apps where a customer can procure and they deliver without a customer even having to leave their homes. Similarly, this is happening to procurement platforms like Takealot where the buyer or the customer sits in the comfort of their home and places their order.

Generally, traditional approaches are turning out to be old-fashioned, cumbersome, and inefficient. In particular, employing the traditional approach in the procurement of tier-one products becomes a drag and drain on limited resources.

Consequently, Sheq Safety management tell mining companies that the most practical approach for them is to farm out resources tied up in the procurement of very important tier-one products (viz PPE) to capable contractors. “Let the people that are paid by the mining companies focus on the core business of the mining companies and for no extra cost agree with a professional, efficient supply partner by way of a PPE VMI on-site store.”

Vendor-managed PPE on-site stores

Sheq Safety has gathered from mine sites it services that vendor-managed PPE on-site stores can help mining companies address inventory challenges and productivity. By freeing up the staff, capital and time of the mining companies, mining companies can focus on their core business.

No doubt, having vendor-managed PPE on-site stores is critical as PPE is a tier-1 product at mining companies. Without PPE, the mine cannot operate in terms of Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) safety standards and expectations. However, the challenge is finding a suitable supply partner, a task complicated by the presence of many ‘specialists’ out there on the market, management lament. “The challenge facing the mining company – like everything in life – is finding a supply partner who has standards, capabilities and is likeminded to your company’s standards and values.”

Sheq Safety’s VMI onsite PPE stores 

Sheq Safety asserts that potential clientele in the mining sector customers that its approach is rooted in excellent customer satisfaction. Particularly, it is tailored to the delivery of stock of the expected quality and quantity at competitive prices unfailingly/devotedly. Their approach in the delivery of PPE VMI on-site stores involves the following:

  • Product brand, quality and price 

The brand and quality of the product are discussed and agreed upon prior to the inception of the contract. Once the quality of the product is agreed upon, so is the price. The contract price is fixed for twelve months from inception. However, the big challenge is how the vendor-managed company operates the DIFOT (Delivery in full on time). Fortunately, the secret lies in relationships ….. relationships with suppliers, relationships with staff and relationships with customers.

  • An area manager for contract 

Sheq Safety has an area manager associated with each one of its contracts. Generally, the company clubs those contracts together so that one area manager looks after several individual contracts within the same area. This allows a representative from Sheq Safety to communicate to people like the HR department to ensure that we are informed when new staff are coming into service and make sure that we are fully equipped. In addition, it always insists that its procurement department has very close relationships with its OEMs and as a result has regular meetings to ensure that forecasts are updated and governed.

Sheq Safety recognises that the communication between the store and the area manager and the area manager and the group planning department is fundamental for the successful implementation of a PPE VMI on-site store.

  • Daily involvement of senior staff 

The other ingredient of success in this model is the involvement of senior management on a day-to-day basis. The CEO of Sheq Safety is involved in inventory planning as well as inventory management on a day-to-day basis. Sheq Safety is fortunate enough to have a clothing manufacturing factory, which is SABS accredited, under its management and control.

Founded on integrity 

Cases of clientele being left to their own devices by unscrupulous providers are worrying. Sheq Safety’s advice is that clients should exercise due diligence when looking for reliable suppliers.

Sheq Safety’s business conduct is founded on integrity in every process. In general, when dealing with the company, customers are assured of the following:

  • Sheq Safety is an entrepreneurial company where the shareholders of the company work in the company on a day-to-day basis. As such there are no demands from “money” hungry shareholders for super large dividends. Any gained profits are ploughed back into the company in the way of increased stocks or absorption of overheads.
  • Sheq Safety is a black women-owned company in a country that is trying to transform its economy to an all-inclusive economy.
  • Sheq Safety is currently a level 1 BBBEE contributor where we focus a lot of time and effort in staff training and skills transfer
  • Sheq Safety manages and controls its own clothing factory which is SABS accredited
  • The senior management of the company has more than 100 years of experience in the PPE industry and the staff are young and energetic backed by the experienced directorate.
  • Sheq Safety is a member of SAPEMA
  • Sheq Safety is a member of a number of technical committees at SABS where we play an important role in maintaining quality standards for the South African PPE industry
  • The senior management/directorate in this company has a hands-on day-to-day approach concerning the PPE VMI on-site stores

Small wonder, due to its attributes, since its first PPE VMI On Site store contract was signed on 1 April 2006, it has built a rich portfolio of clientele contracts. The fact that Sheq Safety still services the first client underlines its firm commitment to strong customer relations.

 ‘The vendor of first resort’

Presently, clients are very particular about their requirements in PPE, especially as they are increasing production. However, as it is adequately resourced, Sheq Safety regards the challenge of meeting client expectations as an opportunity to seek practical solutions specific to the client. With an impressive track record to match, Sheq Safety advises clientele to entrust the company as ‘the vendor of first resort’ for their PPE requirements.

Side bar

 Astute leadership steer Sheq Safety 

Sheq Safety has been able to forestall the current disruptions to the global supply chain, which has affected delivery of orders to industries like mining and others. This is thanks to the astute management under two hands-on shareholders, Lindiwe Kubheka and Elma Wallis, who are consistently committed to excellent customer delivery. Lindiwe is responsible for the production while Elma is responsible for the marketing. The benefit of the company having working owners is that they appreciate the importance of adding value to the company. Hence, any financial benefits that are earned by the company are immediately reinvested into the company – either by the way of an increase in stock or by absorption of overhead costs for customers. This allows Sheq Safety, in times like these very disruptive supply chain periods, to increase its stock holding in “supply restrained” products.


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