Building SA’s engineering base for growth

Already leveraging the global economic recovery, Efficient Engineering is gearing up for continued growth – while strengthening the industrial foundation of the South African economy.

According to Gary Colegate, chief operating officer at Efficient Engineering, the company has seen exciting growth in orders from OEM customers in the mining sector who recognise its world class design and fabrication capability. Its ongoing upskilling efforts have been matched by the latest technology, including a recent R55 million investment in state-of-the-art CNC floor and table type machining centres – probably the largest in the country.

Buoyant commodity prices have been driving both new projects and expansions across the mining sector, Colegate points out. Much of the company’s new business is also from significant after market demand, such as buckets or bowls on rigid earth moving trucks. He notes that many global OEMs active in South Africa are looking to maximise their local content, due to considerations of cost effectiveness and disruptions in global logistics.

Efficient Engineering

As a result, Efficient Engineering has had considerable success in capturing business from its overseas competitors. Its agility and ability to fulfil orders rapidly have given it an advantage in an environment where issues in global supply chains have led to longer lead times.

“With our engineering legacy dating back over half a century, we employ some of the most experienced artisans and boilermakers in South Africa,” he says. “Our quality systems and in-house design and production capacity ensure that we compete toe-to-toe with the world’s best; matching them in terms of our cost-competitiveness and quality.”

He emphasises that the company’s decades of deft management and entrepreneurial skill have allowed it to outlive some much larger players in this segment. Its established reputation has ensured a loyal customer base that implicitly trust its brand and reliability, he explains.

“On the strength of the growing interest from global customers in our offerings, we believe the future looks bright. Based on our record performance this year, we continue to invest in technical capacity so we can constantly improve our output capacity and turnaround times,” he says.

Efficient Engineering prides itself on its contribution towards building the local economy – in the interests of job creation and future growth potential.

“As a leading player in the engineering sector, we have always worked hard to support South Africa’s industrial platform as a basis for economic success. In fact, there is widespread commitment in the private sector to developing the local economy and creating employment opportunities. We need a combined effort from all stakeholders including state-owned enterprises to support local production,” he says.

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