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Bambili Energy joins Hydrogen Africa Conference & Expo

Strategic platinum partner

Bambili Energy is committed to providing clean and flexible energy solutions. Our fuel cell solutions can replace, complement, or backup other means of power generation such as generators and PV panels, up to grid capacity, using clean hydrogen.

Bambili Energy

Bambili Energy’s fuel cell stacks and systems are made in South Africa and produce clean energy from hydrogen. Modular configurations allow for fast and flexible deployment and expansion. Bambili Energy’s products are built to withstand tough conditions and to work anywhere you need to use them.

Our commitment is to bring clean, reasonably priced, and scalable power solutions to anyone that needs them. We believe that this technology is a critical part of the future of power generation, and we’re excited to support the development of the hydrogen economy. Join Zanele Mavuso Mbatha CEO of Bambili Energy at the Hydrogen Africa Conference & Expo, as she speaks on Hydrogen Best Practice Solutions.

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