Pre-Feasibility Studies commences at Iwajowa and Kaima Lithium projects in Nigeria

Pre-Feasibility Studies have officially begun at Iwajowa and Kaima Lithium Projects located within the known pegmatite belt in southwestern and north-central Nigeria. This follows a signed contracts between Emirate Lithium & Geominerals Limited with AGVision Mining Limited to carry out the works

The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency, the Federal Nigerian agency charged with developing geo-science data, is currently carrying out several early-stage exploration programs within Nigeria’s pegmatite belt.

AGVision was founded by a group of Nigerian engineering, procurement, and construction managers and a world-leading Australian geological, geophysical, and geospatial company — International Geoscience Pty Limited. International Geoscience is led by Dr. Warwick Crowe, a globally recognized structural geologist and one of the world’s foremost experts on Nigeria’s economic geology. AGVision delivers the Australian Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) reporting standards in its various exploratory activities and reporting.

“This is an important milestone for Emirate Lithium, setting the stage for the next phase of our corporate evolution. While the pre-feasibility studies are conducted over the next several months, our team will continue to focus on our current surface mining operations, which have yielded average annual export volume of $4.5 million and approximately 6% spodumene concentrations since launching in 2020,”said Lanre Afebuameh, Founder and CEO of Emirate Lithium.

While Emirate Lithium’s exports have primarily targeted Asia, the Company anticipates increased demand for its high-grade ore from European electric vehicle and battery manufacturers.

About Emirate Lithium

Emirate Lithium was incorporated in 2017 and commenced operations in 2018 as a mining, minerals, processing, and export company. The Company commenced open pit mining (surface mining) operations working with artisanal and small-scale operators in 2020 to establish lithium ore-grade quantities and build customer demand. Emirate Lithium currently has 27 minerals exploration licenses acquired from the Nigerian Minerals Cadatral Office (“MCO”). Six of the 27 licenses are for lithium, making the Company a major holder of lithium assets in Sub-Sahara Africa, with Emirate Lithium poised to become the largest holder of lithium assets in the continent.

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