Nigeria set for 23% GDP boost from mining in 2025

Mining sector in Nigeria is projected to boost the country’s GDP 23% in 2025. A report by Pan Africa creative agency, Arden & Newton Limited stated that the inclusion of Women with Disabilities (WWDs), in mining communities will help lead to the boost.

The agency, through its social responsibility arm, The Good Partner with the funding support of one of the world’s largest donor organisations, Ford Foundation embarked on 18 months two-part study and report on the resilience of women with disabilities in resource-producing communities.

Discrimination Against Women With Disabilities

The report, “Discrimination Against Women With Disabilities in Resouce-Producing Communities in Nigeria,” surveyed Bayelsa, Benue, Delta, Ebonyi, Kogi, Niger, Osun, and Zamfara. It gathered that a larger percentage of the respondents who are unemployed identified, “lack of opportunities, disability, lack of support from government/oil companies, corruption, unfair employment practices, lack of education, societal neglect, inconclusive skill acquisition programmes, remoteness of the location and lack of finance.”

“We are confident that the key issues highlighted in the reports and the solutions proffered can help policymakers make informed decisions and shape policies that will protect the rights of women living with disabilities and foster societal inclusion. This is in line with the national and global efforts to ensure Sustainable development,” said Chief Executive Officer, Arden & Newton, Perez Tigidam.

Mining in Nigeria currently generates just 0.3% of GDP and leaves the country scrambling to import minerals, like salt and iron ore, which could be produced domestically. In contrast, the oil and gas sector produces around 10% of GDP and 65% of government revenues.

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