Namibia’s diamond production index records an increase

Namibia’s diamond production index recorded an increase on a monthly basis by 5.4% in November 2021, compared to a minuscule growth of 1.6% recorded a month earlier. On an annual basis, the index increased by 3.3%.

Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) released the report and said the increase was attributed to an increase in the global demand. For the month of November 2021, the volume of diamonds produced amounted to 148 165 carats. The production for October 2021 stood at 140 565 carats, while 143 391 carats were produced in the corresponding month of 2020.

Mining is one of the biggest contributors to Namibia’s economy in terms of revenue. Its contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP) is also very important and makes it one of the largest economic sectors of the country. Namibia produces commercial quantities of diamonds, uranium, copper, magnesium, zinc, silver, gold, lead, semi-precious stones and industrial minerals.

Uranium Production Index

The report also stated the Uranium Production Index also increased on a monthly basis by 7.6% in November 2021, compared to a deterioration of 13.5% recorded in the preceding month. On yearly basis, the index posted a growth of 32.2%.

“The growth recorded in the production of uranium on a monthly basis was mainly attributed to high-grade ore being mined. This was driven by the sufficient water supply mostly required to mine and process uranium minerals efficiently during the review period,” said NSA.

In November 2021, the production of uranium stood at 622 tons compared to 578 tons and 470 tons produced in October 2021 and the corresponding month of 2020, respectively.

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