Tailings, overburden, spoil: how to deal with them?

A mining challenge

Mining produces a lot of waste and the mining company is responsible for handling it. Even when it means spending large amounts of money on something that will not generate revenue for the company.

Tailings, overburden and spoil are usually displaced during mining without being processed, stored in a waste pile or disposed of in dams or ponds. But times have changed with the recent increase in demand for raw materials and its consequent price increase and since mining is done in large quantities, many companies have realised that they are sitting on a big pile of profit. What do they do?

They use MB Crusher units to recover mining waste and turn it into a profitable product. For example, with a mobile crusher BF135.8 attached to a Hitachi 850 excavator, a quarrying company crushed the overburden to fix any existing hole on the haulage road, within minutes. The internal roads are regularly maintained, permitting trucks to ride better, faster and smoother. Plus, they no longer by aggregates from other suppliers, saving a lot of money.

By sifting the spoil tip accumulated with an MB-S23 screener mounted on a HitachiZaxis 460LCH, a quarrying company separated soil and clay from the rocks. They clean out the natural rocks that were previously discarded, so in one scoop they manage to recover more of the natural materials and load the truck, saving a lot of time.

MB Crusher’s equipment gets attached directly to the heavy machines already present in the quarry and can work even in small or difficult to access spaces. Transporting an MB unit has no cost as it can travel to the site together with the excavator.

Assisting logistics

MB also gives a solution to this problem, since: the material can be crushed/screened on the spot, near where it was extracted; the crushed/screened material can be reused in the quarry for the restoration/maintenance of the internal road network, without having to purchase the substrate material externally.

Safety above all

Quarrying activity is increasingly linked to safety, workers and manufacturing processes. From inside the excavator cabin, the operator puts the MB units into operation to recycle the material and manage the work safely. Also, the maintenance of the MB units is also very simple, fast and is done on-site, without risks.

High-quality material on the spot

Recycling and therefore reusing spoil material must be done according to certain standards. Which allow the processed material to be immediately reused. Bucket crushers and bucket screeners by MB’s process any extracted material, even the hardest and toughest ones.

The design of the units provides output precision and regular shaped pieces. Allowing the material, that was previously destined only as waste, to be sold or reused on-site for the maintenance of the road network, filling of trenches and excavations, restoration of the quarry where necessary.



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