Namibia cancels 2021 Mining Expo slated for September

Namibia will no longer be hosting the 2021 Mining Expo which was scheduled to take place from September 1 to 2, in a physical or virtual format following the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The country is experiencing a devastating 3rd wave of COVID-19, which is only expected to peak in September 2021, said Veston Malango, chief executive officer of Namibia Chamber of Mines. According to Malango, the chamber extensively investigated and consulted with stakeholders and exhibitors on the possibility of hosting a virtual mining expo in place of a physical event.

No physical event

“A physical event in these challenging times will thus not be possible, and the safety of the mining sector, stakeholders, exhibitors, and visitors is of utmost importance to the chamber. After careful and due consideration of the findings from consultations, the chamber has also decided not to proceed with a virtual mining expo,” said Malango.

The chamber will still be hosting a virtual mining conference instead on Sept. 1, according to Malango. Details of the conference and a program will be communicated in due course, he said, adding that the chamber looks forward to engaging in fruitful discussions with all stakeholders, media, and the general public at the event.

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