FSSMAZ, Zambia seeks strategy for artisan and small-scale mining

The Federation of Small-Scale Miners Association of Zambia (FSSMAZ) is seeking the government to develop a strategy for artisan and small-scale mining for the sector to meaningfully contribute to the economy.

According to Joseph Mwansa, President of FSSMAZ, the sector has potential to contribute to Zambia’s growth but requires support from the government through ensuring that mining policies are designed and skewed in favour of Zambians.

“It is important for Government to urgently analyse the activities and challenges of the small-scale mining industry so as to develop a strategy that would support its growth. Government must promote the inclusion of locals in the ownership and development of the small-scale mining industry,” said Mwanza.

Tax reduction

Mr Mwansa noted that although Government has made significant progress in addressing some of its challenges such as the reduction in mining-related tax to six percent from 15%, it is important that more is done to unlock potential of artisanal mining.

He further cited the need to reduce tax on mining machinery for small-scale miners to enable them to improve their productivity. Lack of mining equipment is hindering the growth the small-scale miners, hence the need for Government to quickly consider providing necessary incentives to support the sub-sector.

Mwansa has since proposed the holding of a consultative indaba with all the sector stakeholders with the objective of formulating innovative and tangible solutions that will make the mining industry the foremost driver for economic growth.

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