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Mineware Software: Syncromine Web for Barrick International

In conjunction with Barrick Gold Corporation, which has gold and copper mining operations
in North and South America, Africa, Papua New Guinea and Saudi Arabia, MineWare has
developed a cloud-based version of its popular Syncromine software module. This system is
unique in that it is entirely web-based, hosted in the UK and servicing three Barrick
operations in Mali, the DRC and soon Tanzania.

This software has two important functions, namely Production monitoring and Machine

The production functionality keeps track of daily production figures with reports being
populated to global stakeholders making for improved information flow for proactive

As with all MineWare software, this application is able to interface with other existing
software systems, such as HR and CAD products, in order to capture relevant information
needed to produce up to date reports, such as planned vs actual analysis per machine

The machine Maintenance functionality was developed in order to meet the unique needs of
this client, and is used to capture and plan maintenance on fixed and mobile machinery
within these specific mining operations.

With full asset registers, operations can now link monthly planning to equipment used daily,
enabling improved maintenance planning, resulting in fewer breakdowns.

MineWare software modules are able to interface with legacy systems already in place, while
drawing relevant data in order to populate reports. Reports can be viewed on one easy to
read screen, showing data in real-time. This enables managers to make up to the minute
decisions, thereby positively affecting the bottom line.

Through consolidating various operational data into one easy to use interface, MineWare’s
Syncromine Online application is sure to make remote operational management easier,
allowing for better planning, implementation and less downtime.

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