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Mineware Software: Sampling module. Visually plotting ore reserves.

The MineWare sampling module is a brand new product that assists
mines with reports and referencing of ore bodies. This system is
extremely simple to use and install, offering information in an easy to
read graphic interface. It can be used as a standalone product, or
integrated with ease into existing reporting systems. There is currently
no other comparable software product available that fills this niche in the
mining process.

Sampling and mapping ore deposits is an integral part of any mine’s planning. Currently
mining companies see the need to upgrade their outdated legacy sampling software, much
of which is outdated and not expandable. MineWare’s sampling module is unique in that,

while it can be used to replace older systems, it also has the ability to combine with other
systems, in effect allowing them to integrate more seamlessly with a number of existing
reporting systems.

Sycromine’s Sampling module offers users a simple system that can be installed on
a local computer or a central server used by the Mineral Resource Department.
This module can be operational in as little as a week. The program is installed and
configured, mineral types, standard material and ticketing standards are entered. Then you
are good to go!

Once surveyors have drawn samples, the position of the samples is captured spatially within
the sampling module’s graphic interface. The mineral content is then added to each mineral
to calculate an accumulated channel of core values. This information can then be
seamlessly exported using the built in synchronization method and customization tools.

Although this system is currently tailored towards the mining sector, it can be used by any
client requiring spatial or non spatial data of work sampled. The value of this software is
mapping of the spatial element between samples.

The sampling module offers a mine ease of use and straightforward access to referencing
information. Mines are also assured of quality control on data capturing. This system is
unique in that it can integrate with existing legacy systems, while enhancing the overall user


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