Sama Resources releases drilling results at Grata prospect in Ivory Coast

Sama Resources Inc. is pleased to announce additional drilling results from the 2021-22 drilling campaign at the newly discovered Grata Nickel (“Ni”) – Copper (“Cu”) – Palladium (“Pd”) prospect (“Grata”).

Sama has drilled a total of 23 drill holes for 7,673 meters (“m”) at the Grata discovery. A 5,000m drilling contract was awarded to Foraco-Foremi, an Ivorian drilling contractor, for supplying 2 drilling rigs to the Grata project starting June 01. There will then be 5 drilling rigs operating at the project site.

“Using five drilling rigs at Grata and Samapleu will allow Sama to fast track definition drilling at both sites aiming for a revised mineral resource estimate in Q3” stated Dr. Marc-Antoine Audet, President & CEO of Sama Resources Inc. Dr. Audet added:  By selling 5.6M shares of SRG Mining (ref: Press Release dated May 18, 2022) for almost C$4.0M, Sama is continuing to fulfill its objective of financing exploration at our various project sites without further dilution to shareholders. The use of proceeds is for advancing Sama Resources Quebec’s (SRQ) nickel-copper-platinoids project at Lac Brulé and for project generation.”

In September 2021, Sama announced the Grata discovery located 5 kilometers (“km”) east of the Samapleu deposit. The discovery hole, GR-03, drilled in June 2021, returned a 310 m sequence of pyroxenite and gabbro containing a 147 m interval of disseminated sulfides and several intersections of semi-massive sulphide mineralization.

The second hole GR-04 confirmed the width of the mineralized zone, with a 141 m mineralized intersection including 6.40 m and 6.60 m intervals grading 1.05% Ni, 1.28% Cu & 0.48 gpt Pd and 0.73% Ni, 0.38% Cu & 0.30 gpt Pd respectively. Hole GR-05 returned 117m @ 0.29% Ni, 0.31% Cu & 0.42 gpt Pd. Hole GR-06 included 14.10m at 0.86% Ni, 1.49% Cu and 1.38 gpt Pd within a larger interval of 128m at 0.30% Ni, 0.35% Cu & 0.47 gpt Pd. Hole GR-07 returned 22m at 0.41% Ni, 0.28% Cu and 0.43 gpt Pd.

Three holes were drilled form the GR-06 location in order to better understand the geometry of the mineralized zones. Hole GR-06B returned 60.15 m at 0.36% Ni, 0.40% Cu, 0.53 gpt Pd including 7.70m at 1.28% Ni, 1.45% Cu and 1.92 gpt Pd and hole GR-06C returned 116.15 m at 0.26% Ni, 0.25% Cu, 0.62 gpt Pd including 9.05m at 0.81%Ni, 0.84% Cu and 1.03 gpt Pd. Results for hole GR-06D are still pending.

Hole GR-08 returned 297.64m at 0.24% Ni, 0.20% Cu, 0.23 gpt Pd including 2.85m @ 1.68% Ni, 1.28% Cu and 1.12 gpt Pd, 4.25m @ 0.82% Ni, 0.55% Cu and 0.56 gpt Pd and 2.65m @ 1.47% Ni, 1.82% Cu and 1.19 gpt Pd. Hole GR-11 returned 212 m at 0.28% Ni, 0.30% Cu and 0.32 gpt Pd including 8.20m @ 0.84% Ni, 1.10% Cu and 1.24 gpt Pd, with several narrow massive and semi-massive stringers scattered along the mineral interval.

All measurements are core length

The mineralization at Grata is similar in composition to the Samapleu deposit (“Samapleu”) but shows a larger proportion of chalcopyrite and therefore a higher Cu to Ni ratio. This relationship between Cu and Ni is particularly evident in the GR-06 mineralized zones (Figure 3).

The Company is looking at increasing mineral resources at Samapleu and Grata for a future surface mining operation as well as searching for massive sulphide veins and lenses that could have accumulated at depth in traps and embayments along the feeder system of the Yacouba UM Intrusive Complex.

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