Post-lockdown demand for aggregates is rising

Global demand for aggregates is expected to improve in 2022 as the world recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic and adapts to new ways of doing business post lockdowns.

Statistics released by the Global Aggregates Information Network (GAIN) of which South Africa’s surface mining industry association, ASPASA, is a member, show that the majority of countries recorded steep production losses in 2020 with a slow recovery in 2021.

Production figures

Steadily rising production figures internationally also indicate a strong possibility of higher production rates next year with an estimated global figure of 46 billion tons expected which will be driven mainly by China (24 014mt) and India (2 200mt).

Locally ASPASA figures show that total aggregate output plunged by approximately 10 million tons in 2020 from 60mt in 2019 to 50mt last year. While there was a slight recovery in 2021, ASPASA predicts outputs in 2022 to rise more steeply to 55mt next year. With significant roadworks projects on the cards and a rebound of demand locally, the figures could improve even more sharply.

ASPASA director, Nico Pienaar, says global trends usually have a direct bearing on the local market and that a rise in production across all GAIN member countries is a sure sign of recovery for next year. “We need to maintain a positive outlook going forward and data like this serves to strengthen our resolve,” says Nico.

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