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Angola to participate in Kimberley process plenary

An Angolan delegation from the National Commission of the Kimberley Process (CNPK) will represent the country at the Plenary Meeting of this body for certifying diamonds sold around the world, to be held from 8th to 12th November, in Moscow, Russia.

The event aims to reflect on good practices and the responsible provenance of rough diamonds in the mining industry. The Angolan delegation, to be headed by the executive coordinator of CNPK, Paulo Mvika, includes senior staff from the Angolan mining sector, which for five days will also elect the country that should host the Permanent Secretariat of the Kimberley Process, in 2022.

According to a press release sent to ANGOP this Friday, Botswana is the preferred candidate of African diamond producing countries, to assume the rotating presidency of the Kimberley Process (KP) in the 2022 term. The participants to the event will also analyze the situation of the Central African Republic (CAR), as well as the progress on the discussions around the Definition of Conflict Diamonds.

Digitization of the Kimberley Process Certificate

Among various issues, the agenda of the Plenary Meeting of the Kimberley Process will discuss the digitization of the Kimberley Process Certificate (CPK), the admission of new participating countries to the KP and the election of the vice president for the 2022 term are also on the agenda.

KP was created in 2003, with the aim of eliminating the trade in conflict diamonds, so the Kimberley Process is the body that guarantees the certification of diamonds sold worldwide, ensuring that they “do not come from conflict zones”.

Angola has been a co-founding member of the Kimberley Process since 2003. So Angola held the presidency in 2015 and the vice-presidency in 2014. In Africa, the country ranks second, after Botswana.

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