Stellar Africagold discovers gold at Tichka Est Project in Morocco

Stellar AfricaGold Inc., has announced that the second trenching program on the Zones B and A gold structures of its Tichka Est project in the High Atlas region confirms that Stellar has a new gold discovery in the High Atlas region of Morocco.

J.François Lalonde, President and CEO made the announcement and said that Stellar successfully completed a second 10-trench surface sampling program extending the mineralized strike of both the Zones B and A gold structures on its 90% earn-in Tichka Est gold project in Morocco.

The trenching program, which totalled 200 linear metres, yielded intervals in Zone B as high as 3.40 g/t Au over 20 meters including internals of 5.23 g/t Au over 11 meters and 8.14 g/t Au over 5 meters in Trench 7B, 4.64 g/t Au over 14 meters including 11.16 g/t Au over 5 meters in Trench 9B, and 3.4 g/t Au over 17 meters including 9.55 g/t Au over 4 meters in Trench 6B.

This second trenching program builds upon Stellar’s previous program (see news release April 19, 2021) which yielded intervals up to 4.55 g/t Au over 15 meters including an internal of 7.47 g/t Au over 6.0 meters in Zone B, and 3.36 g/t Au over 10 meters including an interval of 8.73 g/t Au over 3.0 meters in Zone A.

The Zone B structure has been mapped at surface for a strike length of over 2 km of which 750 meters has been trenched and channel sampled. The Zone A structure has been mapped for over 500 meters along strike of which 450 meters has been trenched and channel sampled.

About the Tichka Est Project, Morocco

The Tichka Est property is comprised of three contiguous permits covering an area of 44.6 km2 within the High Atlas Western Domain approximately 100 km SSW of the city of Marrakech. The general area is accessible year-round by road via a national road to the village of Analghi located near the mineralized gold zone. Stellar is awaiting permits for construction of a heavy equipment access road to proposed drill sites at Zones B and A.

This second trenching program was designed to provide a better understanding of the geological and structural nature of the Zone B and A structures and to confirm the lateral extension of the two previously identified highly metamorphosed gold mineralized shear zones.

The trenches were dug to an average depth of 1.5 meters and over lengths of 15 to 25 meters depending upon the visible width of the structure at that point. Seven trenches were dug across the Zone B structure and two across the Zone A structure. One trench was dug in another area of interest outside of the Zones B and A structures.

Zone B

A portion of the two-kilometer plus surface exposure of Zone B has now been investigated by two trenching programs. A total of 12 trenches were dug by teams using hand tools down to a depth of 1.5 meters. There, fresh rock exposures were channel sampled across one-meter intervals using a rock saw for a better conformity of the samples. In this recent trenching program, seven trenches were dug across the Zone B mineralized structure which extended the trenched gold-mineralized zone to over 750 meters of strike length trending Northeast to Southwest.

The Zone B gold mineralized structure is oriented N800 and located along the contact of a limestone and a schist. The contact is highly sheared and injected by quartz-ankerite-calcite veins and veinlets with trace of sulphide, pyrite, chalcopyrite and arsenopyrite to which the gold mineralization is closely associated. Within the 750-meter trenched mineralized zone the best results appear to be on the Northeastern end of Zone B. The highest assay results, which were obtained in trenches T6B, T7B and T9B, and are listed below.

  • Trench 6B – 3.4 g/t Au over 17 meters including 9.55 g/t Au over 4 meters.
  • Trench 7B – 3.40 g/t Au over 20 meters including 5.23 g/t Au over 11 meters and 8.14 g/t Au over 5 meters. Note also that Trench 7B is mineralised over its entire 20-meter length and that the width of the mineralised Zone B structure exceeds the trench length at that location.
  • Trench T9B – 4.64 g/t Au over 14 meters including 11.16 g/t Au over 5 meters
Zone A

Zone A is a N3500 trending structure. During this program two new trenches were dug to confirm the northern extension of the structure. The two new trenches successfully confirmed the northern extension of the zone for an additional 125 meters increasing the confirmed gold-mineralized Zone A to approximately 450 meters along strike. In Zone A the mineralisation is in a shear zone at the contact of a dolerite dyke and a schist unit. The sheared zone is also injected by quartz-ankerite veins and veinlets.

The highest assay results in Zone A were obtained in trenches T5A and T6A are listed as follow.

  • T5A – 1.85 g/t Au over 8.0 meters including 3.55 g/t Au over 3 meters
  • T6A – 2.70 g/t Au over 5.0 meters including 3.71 g/t Au over 3 meters

The second Tichka Est trenching program of the Zone A and B structures extended the mineralized strike lengths of both zones and successfully outlined wider gold mineralization with some high-grade intersections of considerable widths confirming Stellar’s gold discovery in Morocco. The gold is associated with injected quartz-carbonate veins in highly brecciated sheared structures context. The results fully justify the drill program currently in preparation beginning on the Zone B structure and progressing to the Zone A structure thereafter.

Additionally, this program provided Stellar with valuable geological information which will facilitate the exploration of other areas of interest within the Tichka Est Permits area.


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