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Juanita Fisher-Hill: a powerful woman creating strong customer connections

As the designated sole distributor for Anderson Power Products (APP) – the international leader in high-power interconnect solutions in Southern Africa – Alexander and Poole not only supplies the full APP product range; but greatly values and concertedly drives a strategy of consistent contact and connections, resulting in resilient customer-supplier relationships.

Powerfully connected

Captivating industry with a wealth of powerful connections is National Sales Manager for Alexander and Poole Juanita Fisher-Hill, who is responsible for the sale and distribution of APP products in South Africa.

As the face of APP locally, Fisher-Hill’s responsibilities include ensuring Alexander and Poole increase market share, servicing customers, and creating and cementing Anderson Power brand awareness within various target markets. These include material handling, energy and alternative energy, e-mobility and data communication; as well as commercial and consumer markets with specific requirements, such as the 4X4 market.

Despite occupying a position few women do in a largely male-dominated industry, Fisher-Hill has diligently developed a thorough knowledge of her customers’ businesses and of the products which will assist them in their daily operations.

Through this perseverance – and by creating close and invaluable business connections via consistent customer communication and interaction – Fisher-Hill’s efforts have resulted in a distinct increase in record sales targets to date. They have also resulted in a marked improvement in Alexander and Poole’s brand awareness and new customer relationships.

Investing for the long term

“While powerful and long-standing customer relationships are essential to business success, they are not built overnight,” Fisher-Hill observes, advising that – similarly to personal relationships – investing in, cultivating and nurturing these relationships is very important for the long term.

“The key point here is that strong relationships are built around making the other person feel important. When you accomplish this on an ongoing basis, success will surely follow,” Fisher-Hill enthuses.

To this point, Alexander and Poole’s objective of making each customer feel valued and heard is pursued – and achieved – with the swift provision of fit-for-purpose, customised product solutions to address customer’s challenges and meet their requirements.

To further enhance the quality and longevity of Alexander and Poole’s customer connections, Fisher-Hill incorporates emotional intelligence and mental agility in identifying and analysing each customer’s operational requirements. She also uses the strategic approach of ‘collect’: obtaining regular customer feedback in order to learn how the company can improve its efforts to meet customers’ expectations and improve thereon.

“These strategies all ensure the cultivation of strong connections and customer loyalty, a positive reputation and increased brand awareness; as well as increased sales and the growth of new opportunities,” Fisher-Hill explains.

Hungry for sales success

With an intense desire to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure sound connections and service, Fisher-Hill applies the motivational career advice of American businessman, author and columnist Harvey Mackay –  who views the quality of the ‘hungry fighter’ as the single most important trait of a great salesperson.

“In the words of Mackay: to become a winning business person, you must be a hungry fighter – hungry for success, hungry for victory, and hungry to simply be the best you can be’,” Fisher-Hill quotes.

Since 2010, Fisher-Hill has successfully managed a varied portfolio of responsibilities in the manufacturing and fabrication industries. However, she cites her swift progress from Area Manager to National Sales Manager – within less than a one year – as an outstanding career milestone, crediting her journey thus far as “very exciting”, and one which has afforded her “tremendous growth within the company and market”.

“As I was keen to progress and driven to succeed, I proved my abilities by discovering profitable new markets and increasing our brand awareness. I am truly honoured to be the face of Anderson Power in Southern Africa, and thankful for being granted this opportunity by Alexander and Poole’s Managing Director Andrew Poole,” Fisher-Hill says.

Amplified autonomy

“Andrew has afforded me not only the autonomy and freedom to do my job, but the decision-making authority for virtually all matters which affect me and my team. I am also always informed of potentially impactful organisational issues; and am provided with timely and constructive feedback when necessary – and recognition when warranted,” she enthuses.

This support and mentoring has very positively impacted Fisher-Hill’s motivation, sales and customer connection achievements: enhancing her ability to learn new skills, swiftly respond to new challenges and adapt to situations or demands more effectively, as and when required.

“These achievements are the building blocks that enable me to construct a sense of myself as a success. Those which matter most combine to form a vision of success that has meaning and substance for me as an individual,” she explains.

However, similarly to sales expert Mackay, Fisher-Hill believes that ‘a great accomplishment should not be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward’.

“In line with this vision, I will continuously aim to provide fast and reliable solutions – with price, transparency, functionality, experience and convenience in mind – to consistently exceed expectations. By enabling our customers to connect with the best, we secure steadfast, amplified and trusted contacts for success!” she concludes.

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